Team Drive Support Coming to The Chrome OS Files App

Good news this morning for Chrome OS users on G Suite domains that leverage Google Team Drive.  In the Chrome OS Dev Channel, native support for Team Drive is now available, meaning you can see your domain’s drive as well as your personal Google Drive account all within the Files app on your Chromebook.

For those that aren’t familiar with it, Google Team Drive is a more powerful version of Google Drive that consumers use, allowing for easy file management and sharing across the G Suite domain as well as a lot of advanced security to prevent file leakage.

For Windows and Mac Users, you have the option of a Team Drive client or going to the Team Drive site.  On Chrome OS, it is the site only with no native support in the Files app.  That changes when this feature rolls out to the Stable Channel.

Assuming that the feature is stable and it makes it out of the Dev (alpha) and Beta channels, we could see this as soon as July 31st when Chrome 68 is released to the Stable Channel.  It would certainly be welcome to Team Drive users who are on Chromebooks and would make their lives a fair amount easier.

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