Westworld Now Available in the Play Store

After being announced last week, the new Westworld game is now available as a free download in the Play Store.  The game, which looks and plays very similar to Fallout Shelter, is set up as a trainee simulator from the Delos corporation, you build up the simulators AI, build hosts and please the guests who are visiting Sweetwater in the game.  It plays along the same story lines as the hit television show on HBO.

If you have played Fallout Shelter or other similar style games, you will be right at home with Westworld.

The game itself is free to play but as you would expect, there are plenty of in-app purchase to help you along.  But equally, if you are patient, you can get deep into the game without having to spend real money.

When you first start the game, it will walk you through a tutorial to help you get started and give you directions on how to play.  Plus, you get to hear the terrific opening theme of the show.  Then it is a matter of build hosts, improving their AI, and improving the systems.

Westworld for Android

Westworld for Android

Like most of these types of games, the more time you put into it, the further along you will get and it can be addicting the more you play – which is kind of the point.


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