Chrome 68 Arrives for Windows and Mac Users

The Chrome browser for Windows, MacOS, and Linux has officially been updated to Chrome 68.  The release of the latest iteration of the desktop browser was right on time today with the update to Chrome OS expected to happen early next week.   The updated version is build 68.0.3440.75 for those keeping score at home.

In all, there are 42 security updates and fixes in this build of Chrome for the desktop, of which five were considered high priority.  You can get a full rundown on all the bugs that were fixed here and any bounties that Google paid to developers or organizations that found the flaws.

From an end user perspective, the biggest change with the release of Chrome 68 is how users are notified of non-secure website that they visit.  Starting with this release, you will see a “Not Secure” banner next to the URL in the address bar.  This was a change that Google announced back in February to help users more readily identify if a site is encrypted (https) or not.

Not Secure Chrome 68 Sample

Not Secure Chrome 68 Sample

A secure site is important, particularly if you are submitting information to that site, as it is encrypted. has been secure since February of this year even though I don’t collect any personal data unless you submit a comment (which has your email address).

If you are using Chrome on your Windows PC, Mac or Linux box, you can check for the update to Chrome 68 by typing chrome://help in the browser bar then clicking the Check for update button.  Google has released the update publicly so you should be able to download it immediately.

Remember Chrome OS users, there are still a few more days of waiting for you.  The Chrome 68 build of Chrome OS is not expected until next Tuesday, July 31st.

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