Chrome OS Commit Suggests Continue Reading of A Site From Chrome for Android

A new commit in the Chrome OS Gerrit suggests that the ability to continue reading a tab open in Chrome for Android on your Chromebook is coming.  The commit indicates that users will be able to start reading content on a site on their Android device then be able to move it to Chrome on their Chromebook to continue reading.

The concept is not new.  Microsoft Edge for Android and iOS has the ability to send a page you are reviewing to your PC via a button in the browser.  Microsoft calls this Continuum and it is a great feature for PC users.

How exactly Google will implement this into Chrome isn’t know and given that this is a commit and not even in the Canary channel yet, it is likely that how this is implemented will evolve over time.  Keep in mind too that this will be different (at least I think so) than the current History feature in Chrome.

Today, on your Chromebook, if you go to the menu and History, you can see all the historical browsing from all your devices on which you use Chrome.  Its a handy feature but what this commit is referring to is the ability to “move” from device to device.  This, of course, means that Chrome for Android will have to support the feature too so it will be an all encompassing change for the browser and platform when it does roll out.

The question of when is the big question of course and there is no way to know when this feature will roll out.  Given that it isn’t in the Chrome 70 based Canary channel now, it likely will not make it into code until at least Chrome 71.  That’s slated to be in the Stable Channel on December 11th of this year.  So, at best, it will be the end of the year but could certainly push into 2019.

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