Chrome OS Dev Channel Gets Fifth & Likely Final Chrome 69 Build

The Chrome OS Dev Channel has been updated again with its fifth and likely final Chrome 69 build.  The new build is 69.0.3497.14 (Platform version: 10895.5.0) and it is already rolling out to eligible devices in the channel.  The update comes just a few days ahead of the release of Chrome 68 to the Chrome OS Stable Channel, which in turn would mean that Chrome 69 (likely this build) will be promoted to the Beta Channel next week.

For those that are new to Chrome OS, the Dev(eloper) Channel is considered the alpha build channel where new features are introduced and tested.  These builds tend to be pretty buggy and unstable and are not recommended for use on your daily driver Chromebook.

Chrome 69, when it does land in the Stable Channel in September, is going to be an important one for the platform.  It is with this build that Project Crostini will released.  That project is enabling Linux apps to run on Chromebooks and all indications are that things are progressing as expected for the Chromium team on that feature.

Because of the weight of that feature and its importance, Chrome 69 has been going through a lot of heavy testing in the Chrome OS Dev Channel with the five build releases and we will likely see that repeat in the Beta Channel starting next week.  That will be approximately 6 weeks before it is released to the Stable Channel, which is currently slated for September 11th.  The translation of this is that we can expect to see at least five and maybe even six beta builds of Chrome 69 before that September 11th date.

If you have a Chromebook in the Dev Channel, you can check for the update now by typing chrome://help in the browser bar and clicking the Check for Update button on that page.

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