Google Chrome is Now Available in VR on Google Daydream

It has taken nearly a year to arrive but Chrome is finally available in VR on the Google Daydream headset.  The news came earlier today from Google and so long as you have the latest version of Chrome for Android, you can strap  on your Daydream headset and you will see Chrome as an app available to use.

Google actually started working on Chrome in VR way back with the Chrome 61 release.  That was back in September 2017 and to this point has only worked in the Chrome for Android Canary and Dev versions of the app.

To use Chrome in VR, it just like any other app in Google Daydream.  Just use the pointer to open up the app and you will get a browser.  Google has optimized the experience with a cinema mode for better VR viewing of web videos but overall, this is stock Chrome for you.   And yes, you have incognito mode for, well, you know….

Google Chrome in VR on Google Daydream

Google Chrome in VR on Google Daydream

In addition to being available for Daydream, Chrome in VR also works on the Lenovo Mirage Solo headset too.

If you’ve been thinking about picking up a Daydream, you can get a pretty good deal on the original one from last year.  Right now it is $44.50 on Amazon.

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