Google Gboard Gets Risque With The Phrase “Sit on”

There is little question as we sit here at the end of July 2018 that Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are critical parts of our lives.  Regardless of if you use a smart home device like Google Home, there are likely dozens of apps on your phone that have some AI or ML element to them.  Google apps, most certainly fit in this statement with apps like Google Gboard.

But every once in a while the AI goes awry and well, it can be kind of funny at times.  We’ve seen it before in Google Photos where some really scary photo stitching has happened.  Now we can add this little risque gem from Gboard.  Just type in “Sit on” while in a text message or Google Doc and watch the magic.

What happens, in case you missed it, is when you type “Sit on”, one of the suggested auto complete texts is “my face and”.  And everyone’s maturity level just went down a few notches.

Google GBoard Gets Risque

Google GBoard Gets Risque

For their part, Google has acknowledged the issue and has said they will be addressing it in short order.  So chances are in real short order this gaff will be gone.  Enjoy it while it lasts.

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