Google Maps on The Web Can Now Give You Time-to-Leave Reminders

Google Maps for Android has had the ability to give you reminders of when you need to leave for your next appointment.  It is a handy feature and it takes into consideration things like traffic conditions to make sure you leave in enough time to make that appointment.  Now that same feature has rolled out to the web version of Google Maps.

With a change of the notification settings when you visit , you will now get a browser notification for when it is time to leave.  The notification works by drawing location information for your appointments from Google Calendar.

The roll out of this feature means that you will no longer have to look at your phone for these types of notifications (although you’ll still get them there too).  You can work away on what you are doing on your laptop and get the notification in Chrome for Windows, Chrome for Mac or Chrome OS without having to switch devices but also assure you don’t miss the appointment.

Google Maps on The Web Notification Settings

Google Maps on The Web Notification Settings

If you are wanting to enable the feature, just open up Google Maps in Chrome, go to the menu then to Notifications and you can turn on the Time to leave notification.  You can also see from the screenshot above that there is a contribution notification to remind you to contribute your review, photos and thoughts on places you visit.

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