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Google Retiring The Chrome Bookmark Manager Extension in August

Google in the process of doing a lot of revamp work on their apps and extensions.  The Mountain View company has already moved a lot of their sites to a Material Design look and that process is set to continue over the course of the rest of this year.  That also includes Chrome itself and that means that some extensions are going to be retired.

For a long time the company has had a Chrome Bookmark Manager plug in that brought a Material Design look and feel to the bookmarks manager in Chrome.  Now that this look has moved into the built-in manager, there really isn’t a reason to have it anymore.  Google, it seems, feels the same way.

New Android-Like Hangouts Chrome Extension Now Available

If you are a heavy user of Hangouts and use Chrome or Chrome OS, there is a new extension and app for you to check out.  Last week Google announced that a new, Android-like Chrome extension for Hangouts would be coming out with the aim to improve performance and the overall look and feel of the UI.  Achievement unlocked as both the extension and the app look far better than the old style and both perform exceptionally well.

The new extension can be found in the Chrome Web Store which allows you to run Hangouts while you are using your Chrome browser regardless of platform.  This is what the majority of users will want, especially Chrome OS users, as the browser tends to stay open all the time.

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