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Chrome OS Hardware Commit Points to a 4K Resolution Chromebook

A new commit in the Chrome OS hardware Gerrit points to something quite exciting for Chromebook users:  A 4K resolution device.  The new commit points to a device that is codenamed “Atlas” and it supports a native resolution of 3840 x 1260.  When “Atlas” makes it to the market, it will be the first device to support native 4K.

Right now, a resolution of 2400 x 1600 is the highest resolution support.  That is supported on a number of devices including Google’s own Pixelbook.  Bumping things up to 4K however would make Chrome OS a viable video streaming source and would give users maximum visual real estate when they connect it up to a 4K monitor.

New Commit Suggests ARCore is Coming to Chrome OS

If there is any doubt that the growth of Chrome OS is going beyond simply being another OS alternative, spend some time in the Chrome OS commit Gerrit and you will see that the plans are big for the platform.  The latest proofpoint?  This commit.

It seems that ARCore, the Augmented Reality API and framework that is currently in Android, is coming to Chrome OS.  While there is no indicator of when we will see ARCore in the platform, the fact that it is being weaved into it is critical as tablet form factors start coming to market.

Chrome OS Canary Channel Has a New Keyboard Shortcut Viewer

A new and much improved Keyboard Shortcut Viewer is coming to Chrome OS.  In the Chrome OS Canary Channel, which is currently running a pre-alpha build of Chrome 67, the viewer has been radically updated to a Material Design look and feel.

The find comes from long time platform evangelist François Beaufort via his Google+ profile.  François is one of the best sources for what is coming in the Canary channel and this is another great example of it.

New Commit Points to Lock Screen Notifications in Chrome OS

The continued interweaving of Chrome OS and Android looks to be taking another step forward, but it will be a while for this one.  A new commit points to Chrome OS getting Android-like lock screen notifications.  In theory, it would function much like they do on Android, allowing for the message center to be visible while your Chromebook is locked.

The new ability would come via a flag that would be aptly named enable-lock-screen-notification and would give users notifications on their lock screen for the user that is logged into the device.

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