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European Union Levels $5 Billion Fine for Antitrust Behavior on Google

Citing illegal restrictions on Android that assure that Google apps are installed on new phones, the European Union today have leveled a massive €4.34 Billion, or $5.06 Billion fine against Google.  It is the largest fine ever given to a company by the EU, with Google already owning the now second largest fine which was issued last June.  That fine was $2.7 Billion.

The crux of the issue that the European Union has with Google in this fine is around Android and specifically how contracts with manufactures are written around the platform.  The EU took exception to the fact that these contracts require that OEMs pre-install Google apps.  The Union sees this as anti-competitive and wants it to stop.

Google Expands Family Link App Available Throughout The EU

Google’s Family Link, the app that allows parents to setup, manage and monitor their children’s accounts on Android devices has had a big expansion today.  All 28 European Union countries now have the app available to them in their local Google Play Store.

For those that aren’t familiar with it, Family Link allows parents to create an account for their children on Android devices (and Chromebooks too) that can restrict access to certain types of apps, limit their device screen time, and even put the devices asleep at a certain time.  It is all part of Google’s effort to keep kids safe online but also as part of digital wellbeing by not being in front of their screens all the time.

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