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Samsung to Unlock The FM Chipset on Upcoming Phones

Samsung looks to be the next manufacture to unlock the FM Chipset in their upcoming phones.  The news came via NextRadio, developers of a FM radio app for Android.  It will mean that going forward, Samsung phones will be able to access the app to listen to local FM stations but also potentially have access to emergency information when data and mobile networks are congested or unavailable.

Samsung joins the likes of LG, Alcatel and Motorola in unlocking the FM chipsets on their phones.  Almost all smartphones today have the ability to tune FM radio built into them but manufactures have locked them down, forcing customers to go to streaming services for music.  The bigger issue however is by doing so, it has cut off users from potentially life saving broadcast information.  If mobile networks are down, users can be cut off from any news and information that they may need in a disaster or emergency situation.

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