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Google Begins Migrating G Suite Customers From Hangouts to Hangouts Meet

Google has announced via the G Suite blog that all G Suite domains have begun being migrated from classic Hangouts to the new Hangouts Meet for new calendar events.  The migration began a couple of days ago and is expect to take most of June to complete.  The change is slated for all G Suite domains.

Once a domain is migrated, any new calendar events created where a Hangouts meeting is scheduled as part of it, the link to the meeting will be a new Hangouts Meet invite.  The good news is that any existing calendar invites with older classic Hangouts information will still work.  For now at least.

Hangouts Meet Adds Nine Countries to Dial-in Meeting Support

Hangouts Meet, the Google G Suite enterprise video conference solution, has added nine new countries to the dial-in support list.  With dial-in support, Hangouts Meet will generate a phone number for members to dial in to the meeting if they are not able to join via video.  The new countries are:

  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Czech Republic
  • Finland
  • Ireland
  • Norway
  • Romania
  • Switzerland
  • Turkey

With these additions, there are now 24 countries were dial-in is supported.  International dial-in support came to the conferencing solution back in October 2017 with it mostly being in Western European countries initially.

Google Hangouts Getting A Major Makeover

Google Hangouts as we know it today is radically changing.  Not only is the app getting a major UI makeover, it is being split into two separate apps as Google repositions the app for the Enterprise.  I’m attending Google Cloud Next this week and the announcements around Google Hangouts are pretty exciting.  First, the app is being split into two distinct apps:  Hangouts Meet which is designed to be a collaboration and conferencing solution, and Hangouts Chat which is designed to be a Google Drive integrated chat and collaboration tool.  Together, along G Suite, provide a seamless way for people both in a company and outside of it to meet, collaborate and share information while removing the challenge of getting people involved with a simple one-tap ability to join a call.

The changes are aimed at cutting down the friction that enterprises have when it comes to setting up meetings and collaboration where content can be easily and freely shared.  These, tied to the new Jamboard whiteboard solution will allow the free flowing of content and information amongst team members.

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