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Chrome OS Dev Channel Updated With its Fourth Chrome 69 Build

The Chrome OS Dev Channel has a new Chrome 69 build now available.  The new build is the fourth Chrome 69-based build to land in what is considered the “alpha” testing channel.  69.0.3494.0 (Platform version: 10888.0.0) is the new build that you are looking for and it is available for the majority of devices in the channel now.

As you would expect for a build at this early stage, there are a lot of bug fixes and tweaks in this update according to the release notes.  Doing a quick dive into them, I did not find any new features mentioned.  This looks like a prep build to get it ready to go to Beta testing in the Chrome OS Beta Channel.

Project Crostini Expanded to Another 18 Chromebooks

If there was any doubt that Google is planning to make Linux available on a wide range of Chromebooks, a find by XDA Developers should put them to rest.  The code snippet found in a Chromium commit has added 18 new Apollo Lake powered Chromebooks to Project Crostini, the codename for the project to add Linux to Chrome OS.

The new additions are Chromebooks from the likes of Acer, Dell, and Lenovo, offering a much broader group of devices that will be able to run Linux and, notably, not the upper end of processing power.

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