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Which Windows Phone Did You Get for Christmas?

Now that Christmas has come for many, it’s time to see which Windows Phone you received this holiday!  Give me your vote!

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What is The Most Important Feature for You on Your Next Windows Phone? [Site Poll]

As you might know, the circle of bloggers who write about Windows Phone – or any mobile platform for that matter – is a small and generally tight knit group.  We often have discussions behind the scenes about rumors, products, apps and other things related to the Windows Phone platform.

One of the topics of discussion over the past couple of days has been around what we want/expect/need/desire in our next Phone.  Most of us are using first generation devices such as the Samsung Focus or LG Quantum and most of us are looking at the new devices (Samsung Focus S & Focus Flash, HTC Radar & Titan and the Nokia Lumia’s) trying to determine which one we will get next.  While a consensus if far from determined, I thought I would open the question up to you and see what is important to you as you look at your next Windows Phone.

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