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Microsoft Releases Windows Phone 8.1.1 Build 14203

As many expected after the Battery Saver update on Wednesday, Microsoft released Windows Phone 8.1.1. Build 14203 to Preview for Developers users yesterday.  The update of Battery Saver mentioned a build 14203 which did not exist which led to the speculation.  That, along with it being three weeks since the last update, and it being Thursday which is when these updates are traditionally released… yeah, there is a lot of tea leave reading.

Anyway, the update it out and it is mighty impressive.  There seems to be a significant number of performance improvements and stability enhancements that make Build 14203 a worthwhile download.  That said, as I’ve shared before, technically this is beta so if you aren’t keen on having an odd issue here or there, may want to avoid it.

Twitter Photos now Appearing in The People & Picture Hub on Mango Powered Phones

With the release of Windows Phone 7.5, A.K.A. Mango, one of the new features was integration of Twitter into the People and Picture Hubs.  Up to this point it has worked just fine but it would only display text Tweets, not those with attached images.  It looks like this has changed now.

I started noticing yesterday on my Focus S that when I view the what’s new section in the People Hub that Tweet with photos started actually displaying the photos.  This morning I checked the Pictures hub and sure enough, under what’s new, I see Tweets with photos.

This highlights once again the effort Microsoft is making with Windows Phone to bring all of the social elements of the users life front-and-center in the phone experience.  I for one love it and have to say, with the integration of Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Windows Live in Windows Phone, I rarely open the native apps (in the case of Twitter and Facebook) on my phone.  There really isn’t much need.

Let me know if you are seeing this as well on your Windows Phone.  Re-Tweet me at @clintonfitch on Twitter or leave a comment here on the site.

T-Mobile to Update HTC HD7 and HTC Radar Windows Phones December 7th

The unofficial T-Mobile Blog, TmoNews is reporting that the HTC HD7 and Radar will both be receiving updates starting tomorrow, December 7th.

According to the post the updates will primarily be aimed at fixing issues with these Windows Phones on the T-Mobile network.

HD7 features and improvements:

  • Resolves errors with visual voicemail
  • Adds Wi-Fi sharing to the device
  • Allows connecting to hidden Wi-Fi networks

Radar 4G features and improvements:

  • Resolves errors with visual voicemail
  • Can now download and customize ringtones
The updates should begin showing up in Zune as an available update when you connect your HTC HD7 or Radar to your PC.

Dell Venue Pro gets Windows Phone 7740 Update

The great team over at WPCentral have posted an update regarding the Dell Venue Pro getting the latest 7740 update.  The update has been available on most of the HTC line up as well as the Samsung Windows Phone and fixes issues related to Exchange 2003 sync issues and voicemail access.  If you remember, it was just yesterday that the Venue Pro saw the Mango update come to it – finally.

For you Venue Pro owners don’t get over excited if you are hoping the 7740 build gets your compass feature working.  It doesn’t and all indications are that it may be a long time if ever before this is addressed.

To get the update just connect your Venue Pro up to your PC via Zune and the update should be there ready to roll out to your phone.


Windows Phone Mango has been fully deployed – Dell Venue Pro finally gets the update

It is official!  Windows Phone 7.5 (AKA Windows Phone Mango) is now out there for everyone and every device.

Today the Dell Venue Pro started getting the update making it the last of the current Windows Phones to get updated.  The update does not include anything new but it should be noted that the compass function that is built into the Venue Pro will not function after the update which is somewhat of a bummer.  It is also unclear if tethering will be available either so if you find it is be sure to post a comment.

To get the update just plug your Dell Venue Pro into your PC and fire up Zune and it should be available for you.

LG Optimus 7 Gets Windows Phone 7740 Build Update

One of the last 1st Generation Windows Phones to get the 7740 update that was released last week has finally started getting the love.  The LG Optimus 7, which is aimed at the European markets, has started receiving the 7740 build to solve some Exchange 2003 connectivity issues and other minor voicemail issues in the Windows Phone OS.

If you have an Optimus 7, check your phone or Zune to see if the update has rolled out for you.

Samsung Focus 1.4 Finally Getting Windows Phone Mango Update

It has taken weeks after everyone else but the Samsung Focus version 1.4 finally has started receiving the Mango update.  The v1.4 Focus has always been a little behind everything else when it came to updates because Samsung made minor changes to a certificate in the device (this according to Paul Thurrott on the latest Windows Weekly Podcast).

Users are now reporting that their 1.4 Focus’ are being prompted with available updates so if you have one, check your device or connect it to your PC and check for updates in Zune.  If you are unsure which version of the Focus you have, pop out the battery and look on the sticker in the battery compartment.  There you will see a “Revision” number.

Here is the link to the Windows Phone Blog announcing the update

Microsoft Releases Information on Build 7740 for Windows Phone

It took a day after the release to find out about it but Microsoft has posted information on the Windows Phone Update Page about the 7740 build that was released yesterday.  The build was found to be available for HTC and Samsung devices but not all of them.  Based on Microsoft’s posting, it looks like it was aimed at mostly European models.

Update 7.10.7740.16

Email threads. Fixes an email issue related to Microsoft Exchange Server 2003. With this fix, when you reply to or forward a message, the original message is now included in your response.

Voicemail. Fixes a voicemail notification display issue.

This update is available only in certain markets.


While it is a day later than expected, Microsoft has one again proven they do provide information on what the particular builds released are fixing or adding to the Windows Phone platform.

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