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Review of Google OnHub – Wi-Fi Made Easy

Wireless networks in homes have, for the majority of users, been fraught with challenges. Whether the challenge is a cryptic network name or an even more cryptic password, configuring a home Wi-Fi access point can be flat out painful at times.  Even for those of us who have been working in telecom and have configured routers, switching and access points, there is something that is just makes doing it at home with consumer equipment a real challenge.  Google recognized this and last Fall introduced the Google OnHub, a home wireless access point that makes configuration and setup simple.  Not opting for a low-end branded device, Google worked closely with TP-Link to produce a stunningly impressive Wi-Fi access point that is easy and dare I say painless to setup.

I recently bought a Google OnHub, replacing my Apple Airport Extreme which was flaking out after only two years of service, and I have to say that I’ve been nothing short of impressed.  Sure it doesn’t have some of the sophisticated knob-turning of similarly price access points but it does have one of the fastest, smoothest setups I have ever seen.  From the time I unboxed it to the time I was online was literally less than 5 minutes.  And even if you are not an Android user, you can easily set up the app-driven OnHub from your iPhone.

If you are looking for a simple to setup and manage Wi-Fi network for your home (or even small business), take a look at the Google OnHub.  Here is my review.

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