Welcome to the ClintonFitch.com How To for Windows Phone page.  Here you will find tips, tricks and How To tutorials for your Windows Phone.  Most of these require little more than patience and a bit of digging around on your device and the aim, as always, is to help you get the most out of your Windows Phone.

The page is divided up by year starting with 2014 (the year of the site’s relaunch).  There are previous How To’s related to Windows Phone 7 on the site but they are not listed here (use the search tool to find them).

2015 How To for Windows Phone

Remove A Start Screen Folder in Lumia Denim – January 2015

Setup Transparent Live Tiles – January 2015

Roll Back Your Windows 10 for Phone Preview to Windows Phone 8.1 – February 2015

Pin a OneNote Note to Your Windows Phone Start Screen – February 2015


2014 How To for Windows Phone

Restore Your Nokia Lumia Firmware – August 2014

Backup Your Windows Phone – August 2014

Take A Screen Capture in Windows Phone 8.1 – August 2014

Using Storage Sense to Move Apps Easily on Windows Phone 8.1 – August 2014

Change the Colours & Weather in Windows Phone Calendar – August 2014

Setup Cortana Quiet Hours in Windows Phone 8.1 – August 2014

Project Your Windows Phone to Your PC – October 2014

Remote Desktop to Your PC from Windows Phone – October 2014