NextGen Reader for Windows Phone Gets Updated

For you RSS fans out there, one of the best (in my opinion the best) Google Reader enabled apps for Windows Phone has gotten a major update.  NextGen Reader from NextGSoft has bumped up to version 2.3 brining with it several new features and some bug fixes.  One of the new features is the ability to have full image caching for full offline reading, new swiping for articles and a fix for what was an annoying white flicker when you opened a new article.

Here is a rundown of what is in v2.3

o New image caching feature ~ full offline mode (app settings -> synchronization).
o Article view with new edge swiping (optional).
o Also swipe using article title (header) at top.
o Read full or mobilized articles in same view.
o Current article position e.g. 7 of 50.
o System tray/clock now visible in article view.
o Fixed white flicker/rectangle when opening article.
o Many enhancements and bug fixes.

NextGen Reader for Windows Phone

NextGen Reader for Windows Phone

The app itself is impressive but I am also impressed with the developer.  You can follow them on Twitter at @ngreader and I have found them to be helpful there and by email with questions.

NextGen Reader requires that you have a Google Reader account (which is free) as that is what the app uses to manage your RSS feeds.  NextGen Reader itself is $1.49 in the Marketplace and currently has a 4.5 star rating.

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