Flipboard for Windows Phone Gains Support for 512MB Devices

The news and information aggregation app Flipboard has just been updated for Windows Phone and it brings many improvements along with it.  Flipboard for Windows Phone has already been a big hit, just as it has been on Android and iOS, and with this update the app becomes more widely available to Windows Phone users as it now is supported on 512MB memory devices.  Many of the budget friendly devices such as the Lumia 530 and Lumia 635 have 512MB of memory.  Flipboard is now optimized so it can run on these lower memory devices. Flipboard for Windows Phone – Free – Download Now In addition to the 512MB support, Flipboard for Windows Phone now has additional native Windows Phone controls for an overall

Flipboard for Windows Phone

Flipboard for Windows Phone

smoother and more user friendly experience.  If you have been using Windows Phone for a while the new navigation will just feel more natural. Tapped images now expand more smoothly in addition with this update and notifications and additional accounts are now supported as well.  Finally, as usual, there are the normal raft of bug fixes and improvements. If you haven’t given Flipboard a try (why?) then now is your chance to do it.  It is one of the first apps I check every morning as a great source of what’s going on in the Windows and Windows Phone world (because I can customize the content) but also world news and events all in one location. Also, if you use Flipboard for Windows 8.1 and sign in with the same account, your subscriptions within the app are synchronized across the devices.

Flipboard for Windows Phone – Free – Download Now

Flipboard for Windows 8.1 – Free – Download Now


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