Microsoft Work & Play Bundle – $149 At Microsoft Stores

Okay, so if you follow me on Twitter then you have undoubtedly seen my posts throughout the afternoon on the Microsoft Work & Play Bundle that I picked up today at my local Microsoft store here in Dallas.

I appreciate that I may be beating the proverbial dead horse.  I got it… but this is a seriously good deal peeps if you use these services from Microsoft.  Even if you use just two of these services, this is a deal that you can’t pass up.

So let me break down this deal for you to give you a feel for how good the Microsoft Work & Play Bundle really is for you.

First, you get one year of Office 365 Home edition.  That’s five users on five PCs or Macs plus 5 tablets.  That includes unlimited OneDrive storage in addition to install versions of Office and the web based versions.  If you were to buy this alone it would be $99.95 per year.

Next comes Xbox Live Gold.  This gives you online multiple player capability, free games and game deals plus party chat on either the Xbox 360 or Xbox One.  If you have an Xbox One, in addition to all that, you get Smart Match (better matching of you against other online players), Home Gold, Game DVR storage and Xbox Fitness access.  This is also $59.95 per year if you to buy it alone.

That means with Office 365 Home and Xbox Live Gold we are already up to $159.90, $10 more than the in store purchase price through January 4, 2015.

But wait, there’s more!

You also get Xbox Music Pass for a year.  This gives you the ability to stream over 30 million tracks

Microsoft Work & Play Bundle

Microsoft Work & Play Bundle

commercial free across all of your devices – Windows, Android or iOS.  You can also stream on your Xbox and you have offline listening on your Windows PC, tablet or phone.  If you were to buy this separately it would be $99.95

Now we are talking a total of $259.85 if you were to buy all of these separately.

Finally you get 12 months of Skype Worldwide Unlimited.  This gives you unlimited international calls to mobile and landlines around the world plus access to over two million WiFi hotspots worldwide.  This, by itself, is valued at $168.95.

That peeps means if you were to go out and buy all of these services separately you would pay a grand total of $428.80.

Today at the Microsoft store I paid $149.95.  That’s a savings of $278.85.

Now do you see why I’m so excited about this?  It’s a no brainer really.

How then do you get this deal?  You have to go to a Microsoft retail location.  You can’t buy it online and while I’d love to post a link to where you can buy it, you can’t.  That means if you don’t have a Microsoft store near you then you will need to make a trip or get a friend or family member to get it for you.  It is also only valid in the United States – sorry international peeps.

If you can’t make it to a Microsoft store before January 4, 2015, don’t fret to much.  You can still get the bundle for $199.95 which is still a $228.85 savings over buying everything individually.



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