Windows 10 Event Live Stream Information Posted By Microsoft

The Microsoft Windows 10 media event next Tuesday, January 21st, is shaping up to be a huge day for the Redmond company and now you can be a part.  On the Microsoft Blog the company has posted details about how you can view the live stream of the event from Microsoft’ campus where the consumer version of the next version of Windows is expected to be announced amongst many other things.

Microsoft posted on their blog that the event will begin at 9AM PST and you can view it at  The title of the event is Windows 10: The Next Chapter and there will be a whole host of big names from Microsoft speaking during the event.

We’re pretty excited about this event and to be able to talk about what’s next for Windows 10. You’ll hear directly from senior leaders from the Operating Systems Group including Terry Myerson, Joe Belfiore and Phil Spencer as well as our CEO Satya Nadella!

Clearly the headliner is Windows 10 and what is expected to be the announcement of the availability of a consumer preview of the release.  There are also expected to be announcements around Windows 10 for Windows Phone, likely to be named Windows Mobile, and potentially even some Office news in the mix.

This event and this release of Windows has a lot of the same feel as the Windows 95 launch nearly 20 years ago and could set the tone for Microsoft in 2015.  Personally I’m more excited about this release than I have been any release of Windows since Windows 95 as it should be a game-changer for the company and hopefully bring their mobile experience to a whole new level.

Check out the full blog post here and tune in next Tuesday for what looks likely to be a great event.


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