AT&T Has Indicated Lumia Denim is Coming “Soon” to Customers

AT&T has posted on Twitter that customers can expect to see the Lumia Denim update for devices on their network “soon”.  The Tweet was a reply to long time Windows Platform Development MVP Ginny Caughey who somewhat sarcastically Tweeted that she would likely see Windows 10 on her Lumia 1520 before Lumia Denim was released.  AT&T apparently was paying attention and replied with this Tweet:

It is certainly encouraging to hear that AT&T is looking to release Lumia Denim on the Lumia devices on their network but “soon” is a word that Windows Phone users have heard all too often. Still, we are likely talking weeks now instead of months.

As a reminder, you can read my Guide to Lumia Denim and my Lumia Denim Rollout Guide for more detailed information on the release and the rollout process.

As to which devices will see the Lumia Denim update from AT&T, that is still a bit of a mystery.  It is likely a safe bet that we will see the update for the Lumia 635, Lumia 1020 and Lumia 1520.  After that, it will be interesting to see.  It is possible the Lumia 920 will see the update.

Timing, however, is the bigger mystery.  “Soon” is very much up to interpretation but if the company is taking to Twitter to explain themselves, we are likely talking a matter of weeks rather than months.    As I posted yesterday on the O2 rollout of Lumia Denim, Microsoft has indicated that under Windows 10 the rollout process will be quicker and easier for these updates.

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