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Lumia 1020 on AT&T Finally Receives Lumia Denim Update

File this under the category of better late than never.  AT&T has finally released the Lumia Denim update for the popular Lumia 1020 today.  The update brings things like Cortana and other improvements into arguably one of the best smartphone/camera combinations on the market.  Be sure to check out my Field Guide to Lumia Denim for a run down of all of the updates that are in the release.  Frustratingly the Lumia 1020 has received the Lumia Denim update through many carriers globally, most notably O2 in England.  AT&T, who exclusively sold the phone here in the US, has been painfully slow in rolling out Denim as a whole and many questioned if the 1020 would actually get the update.  In a positive way, it has been answered.

AT&T Has Indicated Lumia Denim is Coming “Soon” to Customers

AT&T has posted on Twitter that customers can expect to see the Lumia Denim update for devices on their network “soon”.  The Tweet was a reply to long time Windows Platform Development MVP Ginny Caughey who somewhat sarcastically Tweeted that she would likely see Windows 10 on her Lumia 1520 before Lumia Denim was released.  AT&T apparently was paying attention and replied with this Tweet:

It is certainly encouraging to hear that AT&T is looking to release Lumia Denim on the Lumia devices on their network but “soon” is a word that Windows Phone users have heard all too often. Still, we are likely talking weeks now instead of months.

As a reminder, you can read my Guide to Lumia Denim and my Lumia Denim Rollout Guide for more detailed information on the release and the rollout process.

Save Big With The Lumia 635 Accessories Bundle from Microsoft

At the Microsoft Store you can now get a great deal for your Lumia 635, Lumia 1020 and Lumia 1520.  The Lumia 635 Accessories Bundle (and those for the 1020 and 1520) brings you a case of your choice, a screen protector and a Microsoft DC-21 portable power pack for $60.  On the Lumia 635, that’s a savings of over $38 if you were to buy them separately while on the Lumia 1020 Accessory Bundle the savings could be as high as $70.

Lumia 635 Accessories Bundle – $60 (Save Up To $38.99)

Lumia 1020 Accessories Bundle – $60 (Save Up To $69.97)

Lumia 1520 Accessories Bundle – $60 (Save Up To $44.97)

HTC One M8 Windows Phone Accessories Bundle – $60 (Save Up To $44.99)

Create Your Own Lumia Powered Telescope

The London-based Open Space Agency (OSA) has developed a 3D printed Lumia powered Telescope that allows virtually anyone to become a star gazer.  The idea is simple:  Using modern production technologies to bring astrophotography to anyone at a fraction of the cost of a traditional telescope.

The idea of the Lumia powered telescope is the brainchild of James Parr and he worked closely with Microsoft to develop the

Ultrascope (Photo courtesy of Open Space Agency)

Ultrascope (Photo courtesy of Open Space Agency)

Ultrascope.  The Ultrascope is a fully automatic telescope that leverages to powerful 41MP camera of the Lumia 1020.

Called Ultrascope, and supporting devices such as the 41-megapixel Lumia 1020, it has the potential to completely reinvent astrophotography, making it possible to capture professional-grade celestial images, right from your back garden, for a fraction of the price of traditional space telescopes.

When fully assembled the Ultrascope stands 1m tall so it is reasonably compact for taking it to areas away from cities where light pollution is a challenge for astro photography.

Mr. Parr’s vision, which started 30 years ago as a child, is that anyone anywhere can be a part of a community that can explore the heavens from their back gardens without having to invest massive amounts of money to do so.  Ultimately his vision for the Ultrascope has come to reality thanks to modern 3D printing and laser precision cutting techniques that are affordable to do.

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