Bing Rewards Members Get A Free 100GB of OneDrive Storage

Bing Rewards members have a great new freebie from Microsoft.  Now through the end of February members can simply click a button and get 100GB of free OneDrive storage for the next two years.  No complicated application process.  No endless hoops to jump through.  Simply click the OneDrive offer button on the Bing Rewards page and the 100GB is yours free for two years.

The assumption of course is that you are a Bing Rewards member and you have a OneDrive account.  So, if for some reason you are not, here

Bing Rewards 100GB Free OneDrive Storage

Bing Rewards 100GB Free OneDrive Storage

are links for you to join.

First, to join Bing Rewards, visit this link.  If you aren’t familiar with Bing Rewards, it’s a simple program that allows you collect points which you can then use for free rewards from Microsoft.  The more you search the more you earn.

Second, to get a OneDrive account, visit this link.  A free account gets you 15GB of storage (Unlimited if you also have an Office 365 account) so you see the value.  Straight away you will have 115GB of cloud storage you can access from your Windows PC, Tablet, Phone as well as your iOS, Android and Mac devices.  Plus, you will get another 15GB of storage if you automatically upload photos from your smartphone’s camera to OneDrive.

The key is that you have to do this before February 28, 2015 to get this extra storage.

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