Buy 1 Year Xbox Music Pass and Get a Free Lumia 635

It seems weekly that Microsoft is running a great deal on the Lumia 635.  This week is no exception.  Right now on the Microsoft Store you can get a Lumia 635 free when you purchase a 1 year subscription to Xbox Music Pass.  The deal is $99 and that gets you one year of Xbox which you can stream to your device (ad-free I might add), create your own stations, download music for offline listening and sync this across all your devices.  It’s a great deal by itself but now you get arguably a fantastic music player in the Lumia 635 included.  Oh yeah, it’s a pretty good phone too.

To get this deal, follow the link below.  If you haven’t read my review of the Lumia 635, you can do that right here.

1 Year Xbox Music Pass with a Free Lumia 635 Windows Phone – $99 – Microsoft Store

Overall I have to say that I’m very impressed with the Lumia 635.  For what it offers for the price, it is hard to go wrong.  Sure it could use with a little better camera and maybe a little bit more memory but really, at £99 or $99, it’s kinda hard to beat it for the price.  For sure it is a worthy successor to the 520/530 and if you are upgrading from one of those you are going to be very please I have a feeling.  Even if you are moving from another platform to Windows Phone, this isn’t a bad choice.

The 635 is available at a wide range of retailers and online for around £99 (in your local currency).  For more information check out the Lumia 635 page on the Nokia site.

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