Lumia Denim Finally Hits The AT&T Lumia 1520

It took 70 days but Lumia Denim is finally here for Lumia 1520 owners on AT&T.  The update, which is being pushed out to owners now from Microsoft, brings all of the benefits of the latest Windows Phone 8.1 firmware along with feature specific changes in the Lumia Denim package.

As a reminder, you can read my Guide to Lumia Denim and my Lumia Denim Rollout Guide for more detailed information on the release and the rollout process.

There have been a lot of people, me included, that have been critical of AT&T for the amount of time it took to get this update out to customers.  The Lumia 1520 is the flagship phone in the United States and every carrier had update other devices while AT&T had not updated any of their Windows Phones to Denim with the exception of the Lumia 830 which came with Lumia Denim already installed.  Now Lumia 1520 owners can take advantage of the new features including the improved Lumia Camera app, Motion Capture, Hey Cortana and Glance Screen amongst other updates.

As for Lumia 635 owners on AT&T, the wait continues.  The release today was only on the Lumia 1520.  There is no update or indication of when the 635 will see Denim on AT&T.

If you own a Lumia 1520 on AT&T, let me know if you are seeing the update.  Tweet me up or leave a comment below.


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