The Ninja Cat Wallpapers for Windows Phone

So a funny thing happened this afternoon.  As I took a break from my Saturday goings on I snapped a screenshot of my Ninja Cat wallpaper on my Windows Phone and Tweeted it.  Why?  I kinda like it and with all the Ninja Cat fun stuff going around, I thought I’d throw my .02 cents into it.

What I DID NOT expect was the massive amounts of retweets and emails asking me for it.  So now that I’ve finished drinking my green beer for Saint Patty’s Day, I’ve posted them up on the Wallpaper page.  There are two versions – the blue one which I showed on my Lock screen in my Tweet and a white version.

Please note, I did not create these images.  I honestly don’t know who the author is but props to them for making them as they are great fun.  Actually, I do know now! Microsoft MVP Michael Gillett created them.  Thanks Michael – great stuff here!  You can see Michael’s original images and his other wallpapers on his site

Don’t forget to order your Ninja Cat shirt from the team over at Windows Central.

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