Windows 10 Technical Preview Leak Shows Transparent Start Menu

Another day, another Windows 10 Technical Preview leak.  The leak is for Build 10031 and as with other leaked builds, there are a wide range of tweaks and adjustments (although apparently everyone is still freaking out over the Recycle Bin icon) but one significant visual change has come in this build:  Transparent Start Menu.

The site has posted several screenshots of what appears to be Build 10031 including the new Transparent Start Menu both in Start Menu mode as well as Start Screen Mode.

The change would be something that is very similar to what you can do today in Windows 8.1 through the Task and Notifications settings in Control Panel.  If you aren’t familiar with how to do

Windows 10 Build 10031 Transparent Start Screen

Windows 10 Build 10031 Transparent Start Screen

this, be sure to check out How To on it.

What other changes are in Build 10031 is not clear nor is it clear that this is the next build that will be available to Windows Insiders who are taking part of the Windows 10 Preview.  Microsoft is expect to drop a new build to Insiders any day now – possibly as early as today – but if the past is any indication, a leak build this close to a release doesn’t mean it is the build that will be released.

If a release of the Windows 10 Technical Preview does come today, don’t expect there to be a Windows 10 for Phones release either.  That’s on a different release cycle – at least for now – and it will probably be another week or two before we see an update on that train.  The good news, as I reported yesterday, is that more Windows Phone devices will be able to run the next Preview.



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