Motorola Moto X 2013 Edition To Get Lollipop Soon

For those of you who have a Motorola Moto X 2013 edition, rejoice.  Lollipop is coming your way.  Android Central has confirmed with Motorola’s David Schuster that the phone will be receiving the latest build of Android in a matter of weeks.  It is good news for those who have the popular device, especially in light of other manufactures not updating their 2013-era devices.

While a specific date was not provided on when the update will hit the Moto X 2013, it should be just a matter of weeks.

The news is certainly welcome and based on the post from Mr. Schuster, testing has already begun in the United States and Latin America.  The challenge it would seem was around getting carrier support, something that is a continual struggle for Android and Windows Phone for that matter.  It appears that those issues have been sorted out so the testing and eventual rollout can begin.  It is likely that unlocked devices will see the update first then the carrier-locked devices later.  The key now is patience which even by Mr. Schuster’s own comments, is a big ask given the silence on the matter.

As for which version of Lollipop, odds-on-favorite is 5.1 given that previous comments hinting at that being the release version were made by Motorola and Schuster.

The news is also welcome on the broader Android front given many manufactures are not upgrading their 2013 devices.  Samsung and BLU, who have upgraded some 2014 devices to Lollipop, have been quiet on 2013 devices.  It’s a shame and I believe hurts the platform as a whole.  As one who is coming into Android, the fragmentation (and ongoing frustration for consumers) is quite real.  It would great to see some uniformity across the devices on which ones will be upgraded but I admit its a bit of a pipe dream given the sheer number of devices out there.

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