Skype for Android Updated With Several User Friendly Improvements

The Skype for Android app has received an update today that brings several new user friendly features to it.  While none of the new features are overwhelming and indeed are present in many other Instant Messaging and video apps, this update bring Skype on par with them with simple things like an indicator when the other person is typing.  The update, version, also brings the ability to send feedback on the app directly from within it amongst several other improvements and fixes.

Skype for Android – Free – Download Now

The first big change in this update to Skype for Android is the typing indicator.  Now when you are chatting with someone and they are typing, you will see an indicator at the bottom of the message screen indicating it.  This is something other IM apps have had for a while and it is particularly useful.  I use Skype a lot to chat with Tricia and neither of us never really know when the

Skype for Android

Skype for Android

other is typing when we are mobile.  That will change with this update for the better.

Next, the Avatar picture of the person you are chatting with follows you as you scroll down to read longer messages.  I’m somewhat meh on this new eye candy but I suppose its nice to have.  File type icons for shared Office documents are now displayed, not a generic icon and as I mentioned before, you can now send feedback about the Skype for Android app directly from within the app.  You’ll find this under settings in the app.

For those of you who are using Lollipop, there is some good news for you in this update.  There are a lot of stability improvements in this release for Lollipop that should give you a much better experience (not as crashy).  If you are using a Lollipop powered device, this update is a must-have to get.

Skype is a free app and the service is free as well for messaging and Skype-to-Skype calls and video calls.  You can add credit to your account for international calls at very low rates.



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