Galaxy S6 Back Glue Failing Issue

This is an interesting story and one that is a bit troubling if it turns out to be a larger issue. Over at Android Pit, they have had an interesting failure on one of their Samsung Galaxy S6 devices.  Specifically, the glue that holds the back on the device has begun to fail and the back is literally peeling off.

Photo courtesy of Android Pit

Photo courtesy of Android Pit

The question of course is this a one-off or is this pointing to a larger manufacturing problem.

The team over at Android Pit where quite clear in their post that the device had not been exposed to dropping, heat, water, etc.  In other words it had been taken care of so there was no reason for this to start happening.

Read the full article over at Android Pit and give me your thoughts here or on Google+ or Twitter.

I would also be very curious to hear from anyone (as I’m sure the AP team would as well) of anyone else who has seen this problem on their Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge.

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  1. Gaurav Pal Suryavanshi August 27, 2015
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