MLB At Bat Update Brings Material Design Updates & Performance Improvements

The official Major League Baseball app for Android, MLB At Bat, has received a small update today that all users of the app should download.  The updated version, 4.2.0 for those keeping score at home, focuses on some updates of the Material Design of the app along with some performance improvements.  While these types of updates generally fall into the “no big deal” file, I have to say that the performance improvements are significant.

For those who aren’t familiar with MLB at Bat, it allows you to keep up with scores and information across Major League Baseball, select your favorite teams and with a monthly subscription of $2.99, allows you to see virtual play-by-play in a feature called GamePlay.  If you love the Great Game then you really need this app and I would contend (as many others have) that it remains the standard by which all other sports league apps are measured.

MLB at Bat – Free (In-App Purchases) – Download Now

In the release notes of MLB at Bat update, the first focus is on Material Design updates.  I’ve looked through the app today and I personally can’t find any elements which have changed.  If you find something let me know either here or on Google+.

MLB At Bat

MLB At Bat

The second focus is on performance improvements.  Usually this is somewhat of a generic term that I don’t pay much attention to because, frankly, every developer seems to throw this into the release notes.  However, this one actually does improve performance noticeably.  When I start up the app on my OnePlus One, it is much faster and transitioning from different parts of the app to another is much quicker.  Mind you, it wasn’t bad before but the improvements here are significant.

MLB At Bat works on Android Tablets and Phones and is a free download.  You can subscribe for $2.99 a month for the 2015 season for additional features like GamePlay. subscribers can also access video broadcasts of every MLB game through the app.


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