Review of iClever 6-Port USB Travel Charger – Great Value for a Reliable Travel Accessory

As I’ve pointed out many times before on this blog, I travel. A lot.  If I’m not at home then I’m likely in an airport and after well over 1 million miles of travel in my life, I’m always looking for ways to make it easier.  A few weeks ago, the Hisgadget team sent me the iClever 6-port USB Travel charger to review and I’ve been using it consistently over those weeks during my travels to see how well it performs and its durability.  I have to say on both counts, I’m quite impressed.  The iClever charger handled the wear-and-tear of being in and out of my travel bags without any damage or even the slightest view of wear.  Equally as important, the iClever quickly and efficiently charged both my OnePlus One and my Galaxy Tab 4 but also my Fitbit.

Priced at only $25.99 on Amazon, the iClever 6-Port USB Travel charge is an accessory you should take a lot at if you are looking for a quick and efficient way to charge your devices while at home or on the road.

Physical Dimensions

As the name suggests, the iClever 6-Port USB Travel charger has 6 USB ports to charge your devices.  All of those ports on the front of the device while the single AC

iClever 6-Port USB Travel Charger

iClever 6-Port USB Travel Charger

infinity-style connection is on the opposite side.  The top of the iClever charger is rounded and it is coated in a soft rubbery finish which makes it easy to get hold of when you need to pick it up.  Overall it measures 2.71″ high (69mm) by 1.06″ wide (27mm) with an overall length of 3.93″ (100mm).  The weight of the iClever charger is a small 6.35 ounces (180g) so it will not add much weight to your laptop carry bag while you are on the road.

One of the little things that I like about this charger is the 3-foot power cord that comes with it.  That may seem like no big deal to most but if you are staying in an older hotel property, finding a power outlet anywhere close to the desk in the room is bordering on a miracle.  The longer cord really eliminates that being a problem and makes it easy to setup the iClever charger really anywhere in your hotel room.


Each port can put out a maximum 5v and 2.4A from the iClever charger.  The charger uses SmartID technology to identify the type of device that is connected to it. This SmartID allows the iClever charger to determine what type of device you have connected to it and it adjusts the voltage and amperage to make sure that it is giving that device the maximum charge efficiency.  For example, most tablets demand more power to charge

USB Ports of the iClever Charger

USB Ports of the iClever Charger

them than smartphones.  The iClever can sort that out and make sure your tablet is charged in the least amount of time.

This SmartID technology is aimed at efficiency and delivers.  Generally when compared to charging my OnePlus One through a standard USB connection, it takes about 60 minutes longer than it does with the iClever charger.  Mind you, that’s for a generic USB connection but you get the idea.  The technology does work and it works even if you are charging multiple devices (although not quite as fast).

Hisgadget has positioned the iClever charger as a travel charger.  That means it has to withstand the wear-and-tear of travel and I’m quite

iClever USB Charger Compact Size

iClever USB Charger Compact Size

pleased with how it performed overall.  I made a total of 4 trips, each lasting a week (and one with a nested trip) and had it in four different hotels and a condo.  Despite that travel and admittedly being dropped a time or two, the iClever really doesn’t have any signs of wear or tear.  It has held up beautifully and will likely remain a part of my regular travel kit.


You can probably already guess but overall I’m very pleased with the performance and usability of the iClever 6-Port USB Travel charger.  The lightweight, slim design makes it great for travel while the overall charging performance and durability completes the travel persona.  Wrap that up in a price under $30 and it makes it an easy decision to buy over carrying multiple AC-USB connectors in your travel bag.  Carry the iClever

and your cables and you are done.

The iClever 6-Port USB Travel charger is $24.99 and available now on Amazon.  Shipping is free.

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