Android Wear Sees A Minor Update

The Android Wear companion app for Android phones has been updated today but it certainly falls in the category of minor update.  The new build, version for those keeping score at home, is an update to the 1.3 build that was released a few weeks ago. There are not any new features or functionality to be found in the update but there are certainly tweaks and fixes that should make the app and the updating of your Wear device a bit more reliable.

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The big changes in the 1.3 update to Android Wear brought Wi-Fi updating to your Wear device even if you are away from your phone, wrist gestures so you can flick through your notifications with a flick of your wrist and the ability to see your apps, contacts and other actions by touching the watch face.  Generally speaking the 1.3 update was a big improvement over where

Android Wear

Android Wear

Android Wear had been previously and combined with the Lollipop update has really brought improved functionality to these devices.

This update of the app is fundamentally focused on performance and stability improvements.  As I mentioned, you won’t find any new features in this update but you should benefit from having a bit more reliability in the app and communication with your Wear device.

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