Google Sheets Update Brings Auto-Fill and Auto Switching Keyboards

Google has released an important update to Google Sheets today that will help power users while on their Android phone or tablet.  The latest update brings the ability to Auto-Fill cells and will auto switch the keyboard based on the content of the cell you are editing.  These features should make a huge difference for users on mobile devices.

Google Sheets for Android – Free – Download Now

The changes in Google Sheets are not listed in the Release Notes.  In fact, the only thing you will see in the release notes are “bug fixes and performance improvements”.  However, on the Google+

Google Sheets for Android

Google Sheets for Android

page for Google Docs, the company released a note on the updates to the app and even supplied an animated GIF to show you how the Auto-Fill works.

The good news is, there is nothing for you to enable or change. Just update your install of Google Sheets and you will have the new Auto-Fill function.

The other new feature is the auto switching of keyboards depending on the content of the cell you are editing.  If you are editing a text cell, the standard keyboard will be displayed.  However, if you are editing a cell with numbers, the number keyboard will be displayed automatically.  You no longer have to switch between them manually.

The update is pushing out to the Google Play Store now so it may not hit your device immediately.  Everyone should see the update in the next day or two.

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