Evernote Update Brings Android Marshmallow Support

If you are an Evernote user and have had some issues since upgrading to Android Marshmallow, there is a fix available for you in the Google Play Store.  Evernote for Android has been updated to version 7.3 for those keeping score at home and this update is primarily aimed at bringing support for the latest build of Android.  In searching Google+ and other forums, there have been a few people who have reported trouble with Evernote after upgrading their Nexus devices.  I for one never saw an issue on either my Nexus 6 or Nexus 7 but after upgrading to this new build this morning, the app seems to be a bit smoother in performance, particularly when moving from one notebook to another.

Evernote for Android – Free (In-App Purchases) – Download Now

If you have upgraded and are an Evernote user, you should make sure you get this update when it hits your device to assure you don’t have any further issues.  The update is in the Play Store now

Evernote for Android

Evernote for Android

but it may take a day or two to get to your devices.

Beyond the support for Android Marshmallow, Evernote only lists “Miscellaneous bug fixes” in the release notes for the 7.3 build.  What exactly those bug fixes were or what they address is not indicated.  Like many of the updates that are happening right now, I suspect that there is a bit of clean up in the app to further support Marshmallow.

The update is free of course and you can try Evernote Premium for 30 days by clicking this link which will give you added benefits such as offline notebooks, presenting of notes, allows others to edit your notes and to PIN lock your Evernote app.  Evernote Premium can be purchased via an In-App purchase and is $4.99 per month or $44.99 per year.

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