Android Marshmallow Coming Soon To T-Mobile Nexus 6

For those of you who have a T-Mobile Nexus 6, good news has come your way from Des, the company’s Product Evangelist, on Twitter. According to a post last night, the Android Marshmallow update for the device has been tested, approved and should be rolling out very soon.  The updated build is MRA58X and while no exact date was given, user could start seeing the update as soon as today if previous history is any indication.


With this update starting to roll out, it means that T-Mobile is the first to get Android Marshmallow out to the Nexus 6 on their network. Verizon and AT&T both sold the Nexus 6 but neither have released or committed to the update for their devices.

If you read my review of Android Marshmallow, you know there are a lot of reasons to want to get this update including what I think is the killer feature, Doze.  Other improvements include things like improved security & app permissions, Now on Tap, USB Type-C support and app data backup to your Google Drive.

Android Marshmallow Icon Screen

Android Marshmallow

Android Marshmallow from T-Mobile Was Expected in October for The Nexus 6

Shortly after the release of Marshmallow, T-Mobile made it clear that they expected to have the update to Nexus 6 owners in October. However, the company ran into a significant bug that took them longer to conquer than expected. That issue, which was not publicly disclosed, likely involved LTE Band 12 and Wi-Fi calling based on a previous Tweet from Des.

It should be noted that there is a similar known bug with Project Fi users on the Nexus 6 which will not allow for dynamic switching between Sprint & T-Mobile, the two carriers used by Fi. No indication of when an updated build of Marshmallow is coming to resolve this issue but it could be sooner given that T-Mobile seems to have sorted out the Nexus 6 on their networks.

For those of you on T-Mobile rocking the Nexus 6, you should get the OTA update for Android Marshmallow soon. You can always check for it manually by going to Settings>About Phone>System Updates.

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