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T-Mobile To Offer Only Their ONE Plan Starting January 22

T-Mobile has announced a pretty significant change to their consumer offerings starting January 22nd.  On that Monday, the US carrier will only offer their ONE plan.  That’s it.  Literally one plan.  They have also made some pretty major teaks to the plan which will get consumers attention.  First, all of the taxes, fees and charges are included in the advertised price.  So if you have one line for $70 on the plan, you pay $70.  It includes all the additional fees.  If you have a four line ONE account, you pay $160 per month ($40 per line) and that’s it.  It is a nice departure from other carriers where the base price of the package isn’t necessarily what it costs you each month.

What’s also interesting is the new “kickback” that T-Mobile is offering.  If you use less than 2GB of data in a month, the carrier will credit you $10 on your next bill.  This is for every line on your account too, not just the master number.  This is strikingly similar to how Project Fi handles unused data.

HTC 10 on T-Mobile Gets Updated to Android Nougat

Good news again today regarding Android Nougat.  T-Mobile has released the Nougat update to the HTC 10 for customers with that device on their network.  The update comes 6 weeks after the release of the update for the unlocked version of the phone which is a fair amount of time given T-Mobile has a good reputation on getting updates out to their customers.  If you have the HTC 10, you are looking for software update 2.37.531.5.  It should be hitting devices over the next few days via an OTA update.

Because this update is going from Marshmallow to Nougat, the update is hefty.  It comes in at just over 1GB so you will want to make sure you are on Wi-Fi to download it.  Once it is downloaded, you will need about 30 minutes to complete the upgrade process.

Android Nougat Rolling Out to T-Mobile’s LG G5

Good news this morning for T-Mobile customers who are rocking the LG G5.  Android Nougat is out and available for your phone.  The 1.2GB update is coming to the G5 as an OTA update and along with bringing you all the goodness of Nougat, you are also getting the November security update for Android included in the update.  The updated build is NRD90U and T-Mobile has pushed the big red button to get the release out to customers.  You can check for the update on your G5 by going to Settings>About Phone>Software Update and manually check for it.  Because of the size, you are going to need to make sure you are on Wi-Fi to download the update file then will need at least 70% battery life to install it.  As with other updates, your phone will be rebooted in the upgrade process.

T-Mobile Rolls Out November Security Update to Galaxy S7 Lineup

With the Android Security Update for November expected to be released later today, it looks like T-Mobile is already getting it out to their customers.  If you have a Samsung Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge on the carrier, there is an update out for you that brings the security patch up to this month.  T-Mobile has always been one of the better carriers when it comes to updates but with Samsung in particular, the manufacture has been slow to get updates out to carriers.  With the Galaxy S7 lineup, this seems to have changed as updates are coming at a far more consistent increment and much sooner after they are released from Google.

Carriers Announce Galaxy Note 7 Return & Exchange Plans

AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon have all issued statements regarding the Galaxy Note 7 recall and what their customers can do who have the devices.  Overall they are trying to work with their customers as quickly and as effeciently as possible.  T-Mobile and Verizon have already indicated that customers with Note 7’s can return them for a full refund without any restocking fees while AT&T will clarify what their customers can do later today and Sprint is offering “similar” device exchanges for customers.   Here are the details from each carrier:


Samsung has notified us that they have identified a battery cell issue in certain Galaxy Note7s. They have asked all retailers, including AT&T, to stop selling the device. We are in the process of determining the exchange process for our customers and how they can replace their current Note7 as quickly as possible. We will have more information later today.


Sprint has suspended sales of Samsung Galaxy Note7 immediately following Samsung’s announcement to discontinue sales of the device globally.

We are working closely with Samsung to ensure those customers who already have purchased the device are taken care of. For those customers that previously purchased the Note 7 we will offer them a similar device until the issue is resolved. Customers should go to a nearby Sprint store to exchange their Note 7 device.

T-Mobile Lists Devices That Will Get Nougat

Give credit to T-Mobile.  Usually the question of if a device on a particular carrier will see a major Android update is a mystery at best and a frustration at worst.  T-Mobile is working to eliminate that for their customers.  The carrier has published a list of all the devices that are on their network that will see the Android Nougat update.  Now let’s be clear:  This isn’t going to happen overnight.  Customers are likely weeks or months away, depending on the device, from seeing the update.  Further, the carrier points out that the update has to come from the manufacture first, then they will release it.  If the manufacture doesn’t release it, then that device won’t get the update.

Pre-Orders for the Galaxy Note 7 Have Started in The US

As expected, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has become available as a pre-order from the four major carriers here in the United States this morning.  AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon all have the phone available to order today through various payment options with delivery of the device expected to start happening on August 19th, the day the device becomes generally available.  Generally speaking, if you want to buy it outright, it is going to be at least $850 regardless of the carrier you go with but many are offering accessories when you pre-order your Note 7 (subject to availability).


Outright, the Note 7 is $879 from the carrier or you can do one of the AT&T Next programs.  The 30 payment option is $29.34 while the 24 payment option is $36.67.  Along with this, the carrier is offering a $695 in credits when you buy one Note 7 and want to get a second one.  It’s pretty close to BOGO.  Or, if you sign up for a 2-year contract with the carrier, they will give you a free Samsung Gear S2.  Lastly, you can pick up a Galaxy Tab 3 for .99 Cents with the purchase of a Galaxy Note 7.

T-Mobile Releases June Security Update for The Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge

Good news this morning for those of you who have a Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge on T-Mobile.  The carrier has released the June security update in an OTA update with some other fixes and improvements this morning.  The updated builds are G920TUVU4EPF1 for the S6 while the S6 Edge new build is G925TUVU3EPD1.  For either device, the update weighs in at about 200MB and you will have to reboot your phone after you download and install the update.

T-Mobile Galaxy Note 4 Sees Marshmallow Update Arrive

Following in the footsteps of Verizon, T-Mobile has now released the Android Marshmallow update for the Galaxy Note 4 on the carrier’s network.  The update brings Android 6.0.1 to the Note 4 as well the June security update.  It is about as fresh a version of Android as you can get.  The update is a hefty 1.5GB so you will certainly have to be on Wi-Fi in order to download it.  Once you do have it downloaded, you can expect a 20-30 minute install time and reboot of your device.  As always, I recommend you make sure that you have any local documents or photos backed up to the cloud or your PC prior to starting the update – just in case.

Android Marshmallow Comes to The Blackberry Priv on T-Mobile

Today is a good day Blackberry Priv owners on T-Mobile.  The carrier has just updated their support page for the device and the OTA update to Android Marshmallow is starting to roll out to devices today.  The update you are looking for is build AAF153 and users will be prompted to update to this build between now and Friday, June 17th.  Once the update is available to you, you will need to make sure you are connected to Wi-Fi to download the 1.3GB update and you can expect the install time to take 20-30 minutes including a reboot in the process.

Is Blackberry About To Die? Again?

It wasn’t long ago that Blackberry as a company was on their deathbed.  Blackberry 10 was dying a death and the company switched gears to Android, making the secure and eagerly anticipated Blackberry Priv.  The device got reasonable but not glowing reviews and the price tag of $700 was laughable at best.  Still, the Priv did okay at first and both AT&T and T-Mobile picked up the device.  Now, nearly a year later, T-Mobile has dropped the Priv from their site and AT&T admits that the device is struggling with them.

What went wrong?

There are a lot of things that led to the situation Blackberry find themselves in at this point.  The question is, will we be on death watch once again for a company that just a handful of years ago ruled the enterprise mobile device market?

T-Mobile Set to Acquire More 700MHz Coverage In The Chicago Area

T-Mobile has announced an agreement with Leap Licenseco, an AT&T subsidiary, to acquire a section of A-Block 700 MHz band for extended LTE in the greater Chicago area.  Although the deal has to be approved by regulators, once it is complete, it will give the carrier extended LTE bandwidth in the top 10 major metro areas in the United States.  For those not familiar with the 700 MHz block, it is what allows the carrier to get LTE into remote places as well as into buildings in urban areas.  This is represented by Band 12 on their network when you access it on your phone.