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T-Mobile Rolls Out Updates to The Current Samsung Galaxy Series

T-Mobile has released a small software update for the Samsung Galaxy S9, S9 Plus and Galaxy Note8 on their network.  The updates are mostly focused on bug fixes and performance improvements.  The builds that you are looking for are as follows:

  • G960USQU2ARF7 for the Galaxy S9
  • G965USQU2ARF7 for the Galaxy S9 Plus
  • N950USQU4CRF3 for the Galaxy Note8

All of these updates have been released by T-Mobile  at this point so you likely can go to check for the update in Settings on your particular device.

T-Mobile Finally Rolls Out Android Oreo for The LG G6

T-Mobile has become the last US carrier to release the Android Oreo update for the LG G6.  Build H87220a rolled out to a small group of users last week but has now begun rolling out broadly to T-Mobile customers with the 2017 flagship phone.

To check for the update, go to Settings>About Phone>Update Center>System Update and check for the update there.  Keep in mind that it is still rolling out so it could well take another day or two before it lands on your phone.

T-Mobile, who generally is one of the first to release software updates, has taken their time on this one.  AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon have all released the update, in some cases nearly two months ago, so it is unclear why it took T-Mobile so long.

Finally!  Sprint Merges with T-Mobile for $26.5 Billion After A Year of Chatter

After a year and a bit of talking, not talking, talking again, not talking again, and finally talking, Sprint and T-Mobile have agreed to merge as one company known as T-Mobile.  The $26.5 billion all stock transaction still has to be approved by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) here in the United States but it is likely to happen.  The new merged company will put serious pressure on the two biggest mobile carriers here in the US, AT&T and Verizon, as the new company will be focused on delivering 5G.

“This combination will create a fierce competitor with the network scale to deliver more for consumers and businesses in the form of lower prices, more innovation, and a second-to-none network experience – and do it all so much faster than either company could on its own,” said John Legere. “As industry lines blur and we enter the 5G era, consumers and businesses need a company with the disruptive culture and capabilities to force positive change on their behalf.”

The merged company is expected to be a boon for consumers too.  It is likely that plans will drop for existing Sprint customers as the companies come together over the course of 2018.

T-Mobile Beings Rolling Out Their Oreo Update to The Galaxy Note8

Following AT&T, Sprint & Verizon, T-Mobile has now released their Android Oreo update for the Samsung Galaxy Note8 for customers on their network.  The news came from Desmond Smith, T-Mobile’s product evangelist, via Twitter late last night.

With the update just now being released, it is going to take a few days before it gets to everyone’s Galaxy Note8 in the wild.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Lineup on T-Mobile Now Getting The Android Oreo Update

After being released for the Samsung Galaxy S8 on Verizon last week, the Android Oreo update is now rolling out to S8 and S8+ owners over at T-Mobile.  The updates bring the latest version of Android as well as the February Android Security Update patch to the 2017 flagship devices.

For those of you who have the Galaxy S8, you are looking for build G950USQU2CRB9 while those of you who have the S8+, you are getting build G955USQU2CRB9.  Both updates come in at just over 1.5GB in size so you will certainly want to download them via WiFi when you get the notification of it being available.  As of now, T-Mobile has not updated the support pages for the devices to reflect the new build release notes.

T-Mobile Rolls Out Camera Stability Update to the Samsung Galaxy S9

For those of you who are starting to receive your pre-ordered Samsung Galaxy S9 or S9+ from T-Mobile, you already have a new update rolling out to your shiny new toy.  The update, which is just over 250MB in size, brings stability improvements to the camera as well as the face unlock feature of the phones.

Users are reporting that they are getting the update within a couple of hours of activating their phone on T-Mobile so it appears that the US carrier had the update ready to roll out as soon as the phones started getting into customer’s hands.

T-Mobile Confirms Android Oreo Coming the Samsung Galaxy S6 & Note 5

While the Android Oreo update is in the process of rolling out to the Samsung Galaxy S8 lineup, and is confirmed for the S7 series, there have been rumors to suggest that the 2016 Galaxy S6 series would also be getting the update.  Samsung, for their part, have not indicated one way or the other but thanks to T-Mobile, it looks like the S6 lineup along with the Note 5 will be getting updated.

Over the weekend, T-Mobile updated the support page for the Galaxy S6, S6 Edge, S6 Edge+ and the Note 5.  The update is titled Phase: Complete: Version 8.0 Oreo with the following statement:

T-Mobile and the device manufacturer have agreed to support a new software update.

This is the most clear indication yet that the S6’s and Note 5 are going to get updated to Android Oreo.

LG G6 on T-Mobile Receiving the December ’17 Android Security Update Patch

Owners of the LG G6 on T-Mobile should be seeing an update over the course of the next few days on the device.  The update is build H87211g for those keeping score at home.  According to the release notes, it was published on January 9th.

The release notes only indicated that the update brings Software stability and bug fixes so it is pretty generic on what, if anything, was addressed beyond the updating of the Android Security Update patch.  Still, users are encouraged to download the update and get it installed if for only the security patch update.

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