Big Changes Coming to Google+

I am an unapologetic fan of Google+.  It is a great source of information, tips, new ideas and communicating with other Android users who share a passion for the platform. But, as we all know, Google+ hasn’t exactly gained huge grounds in terms of users (the joke is that only Googlers use Google+) but that doesn’t mean it is completely dead in the eyes of Mountain View.  Today the company announced a wide range of changes that are coming to the social platform including a completely revamped user experience that focuses more on communities and collections.  If you remember back to my first post on how I use Google+, I pointed out that Communities was one of the key draws to the platform.  It would seem that I’m not alone.

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The updates to the Google+ user experience will start on the web and will start as early as today.  Users will begin to see a more streamlined interface that is built to be fast and simple.Google+

The fully redesigned homestream is built to be fast and simple. The new design makes it easier to use whether you’re at your desk browsing through posts or sharing an update on the go from a smaller mobile device screen.

In addition to these changes, there is a much bigger emphasis on communities and collections in the new Google+.  This will give you more content that you are interested in more quickly and without having to go dive around the site to find it.  I’m personally a big user of communities so this is a welcome change in my book.

As you would expect, the new Google+ has much improve search functionality to find new content and to do so quickly.

You can see the new changes on the web by signing into Google+ and when prompted, selecting “Let’s go” to start using the new experience.  This update will roll out to everyone over the course of the next few days and there will be updated iOS and Android apps to support it.

Google+ for Android – Free – Download Now

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