Google Maps Star Wars Fun For Everyone

Last week Google rolled out what they are calling the Star Wars Experience.  If you go to, you can sign yourself up for either the Light Side or Dark Side and when you do, you get all kinds of cool Star Wars related stuff in your Google Services like Gmail backgrounds, Chromecast backgrounds and there is even an official Star Wars app that gets you the latest news and information on the upcoming movie.  One of those apps that joins in the fun is Google Maps and it is in a subtle but fun way.  If you are on the Dark Side, you will get a Star Destroyer for your home location and for work, you get an Empire Transport Ship.  Geeky?  Absolutely.  Fun?  Absolutely.

By-the-way, if you want to return all your Google stuff back to normal, it is easy to do so.  Just go the Google Star Wars link above, chose Change Sides then move your avatar back to the neutral position between the sides and click Back to Default.  Now everything is back to normal.

To get this overlay on Google Maps to work, you have to first chose a side on the Star Wars link.  Next, within your Google account, if you have not done so already, you need to configure your Home and Work locations.  You can do this from your Android phone by going to Google Maps, opening the menu and tapping My Locations.  Now you are ready for some Star Wars fun!

Google Maps Has Different Overlays For The Light and Dark Sides

Now that you have signed up and sorted out your locations, open up Google maps then look at your home location.  Above it you will see a Star Destroyer (if you are on the Dark side).  Now

Google Maps Star Wars Goodies

Google Maps Star Wars Goodies

navigate to your Work location. You should see an Empire Transport Ship.

It goes without saying but if you chose the Light Side you will see different ships for your locations.  I’m not going to give it away so go to the Star Wars link above, change over to the Light side and see what you see on Google Maps (the change is pretty much instant).

Now who said Monday mornings weren’t fun, eh? 🙂


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