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Download The OnePlus 5T Star Wars Wallpapers!

With the premier of Star Wars:  The Last Jedi less than 24 hours away, it is time to get even more hyped up with wallpapers celebrating the movie.  As you may know, earlier this morning OnePlus announced a special edition OnePlus 5T, their latest flagship phone, that was Star Wars themed.  The phone, which functionally is identical to the standard OnePlus 5T, comes with 10 special edition wallpapers.

Well, as you would expect, they are now in the wild.  Engineering folks over at XDA have broken out the wallpapers and made them available.  I, in turn, have uploaded them to the Wallpapers page here on the site for everyone to download.

To save those of you who aren’t overly interested in the wallpapers, I’ve placed them after the break so you don’t have to see them.  But if you do, read on!

Rogue One – A Star Wars Story Now Available For Purchase

The day has finally arrived Star Wars fans.  Rogue One:  A Star Wars Story is now available for purchase in the Google Play Movies & TV Store.  The movie has been available to add to your wishlist since January and was one of the most successful movies of 2016.  The movie is set between the much maligned prequels and A New Hope, the original Star Wars movie, focusing on a band of Rebels who are trying to steal the plans to the Death Star.  If you haven’t seen it yet, rent it and see what you missed.  It has become one of my favorite movies in the franchise.

The movie is $19.99 in HD.  Right now there is not a rental option nor is there a UHD option for the movie.

Rogue One Now Available to Wishlist in the Play Store

Having already posted some $700 million in ticket sales world wide, one of the big movie hits of 2016 has been Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.  The movie is set between the much maligned prequels and A New Hope, the original Star Wars movie, focusing on a band of Rebels who are trying to steal the plans to the Death Star.  If you haven’t seen it yet, do yourself a favor and see it.  It’s quite good.

Now you can get ready to own Rogue One when it is hits the Google Movies & TV store in the Play Store.  The movie is now available in the store as an item that you can wishlist.  This is the first step before you can pre-order it.

Celebrate Star Wars Day With Google Play Music’s John Williams Station

As just about everyone on the planet knows, today, May 4th, is Star Wars day.  Undoubtedly on your Google+ or Facebook timeline you will be told, more than once today, May The Fourth Be With You.  Yeah, it’s geeky but fun.  To add to your fun, head over to Google Play Music on your Android device (or on the web) and look up The Galaxy of John Williams radio station.  The station has been setup by the team at Play Music to bring you one place to get all of the great movie soundtracks, including those from Star Wars, in one station for your listening pleasure.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Digital Version Available Today

Today is a good day Star Wars fans and no it is not an April’s Fool joke!  If you pre-ordered your copy of Star Wars: The Force Awakens from the Google Play Movies & TV store, it should be in your Google account this morning.  The worldwide release of the digital versions of the blockbuster happens today and with the movie already setting box office records, there is little doubt that the digital and physical media version (which come out next week) will do just as well for Disney.

Star Wars The Force Awakens Available April 1 on Google Movies

For those of you who have pre-ordered the digital download of Star Wars: The Force Awakens on Google Play Movies & TV, April 1st is going to be a fun day for you.  The good news is that April 1st falls on a Friday so really, if you stay home to cast it on your Chromecast, who’s really going to notice at the office?  🙂  Regardless, Disney announced today that the movie pretty much destroyed all box office records is going to be coming to digital outlets like Movies & TV on the first of next month.

Pre-Order Star Wars: The Force Awakens on Google Play

Star Wars: The Force Awakens has been in movie theaters for less than 24 hours but you can already pre-order the move on Google Play.  The movie absolutely destroyed opening day totals, bringing in an estimated $54m on its first day and this weekend it will likely set even more records. Now through Google you have the opportunity to pre-order the movie when it is released for download sometime in 2016.  No there is no stated release date but pre-order will assure that the moment that it is available on the store, it will be in your library, ready for you to download.

The move is available in HD for $19.99 while the SD version is $14.99.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens – $14.99 (SD) or $19.99 (HD) – Google Play Store

Google Maps Star Wars Fun For Everyone

Last week Google rolled out what they are calling the Star Wars Experience.  If you go to, you can sign yourself up for either the Light Side or Dark Side and when you do, you get all kinds of cool Star Wars related stuff in your Google Services like Gmail backgrounds, Chromecast backgrounds and there is even an official Star Wars app that gets you the latest news and information on the upcoming movie.  One of those apps that joins in the fun is Google Maps and it is in a subtle but fun way.  If you are on the Dark Side, you will get a Star Destroyer for your home location and for work, you get an Empire Transport Ship.  Geeky?  Absolutely.  Fun?  Absolutely.

By-the-way, if you want to return all your Google stuff back to normal, it is easy to do so.  Just go the Google Star Wars link above, chose Change Sides then move your avatar back to the neutral position between the sides and click Back to Default.  Now everything is back to normal.

To get this overlay on Google Maps to work, you have to first chose a side on the Star Wars link.  Next, within your Google account, if you have not done so already, you need to configure your Home and Work locations.  You can do this from your Android phone by going to Google Maps, opening the menu and tapping My Locations.  Now you are ready for some Star Wars fun!

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