Google Play Books Update Brings Improved Comic Book Reading

Comic books are not just a kid thing anymore and with more people reading them on their mobile devices, the need for a good reader quickly becomes important. To that end, Google has released an updated version of Google Play Books that is specifically aimed at making comic book reading easier.

Today, Google Play Books is getting an upgrade specifically designed for comic book fans, making it easier to read your favorite comics on your phone or tablet. Reading a comic book is all about following the story and enjoying the art, dialogue and pace the way you want.

It is a big step forward for the reading app and those of us who like reading comics will certainly see the benefits of immediately as it is a much, much better reading experience.

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What Google has done with Google Play Books is enabled vertical scrolling when you view a comic in landscape

Comics in Google Play Books

Comics in Google Play Books

mode. This makes reading a comic a much more fluid experience. Previously you ended up having to do a lot of swipes left-and-right to view content or it was simply too difficult to read.  Having played with this new version, it is a far better experience as you are able to follow the artwork and story much easier.

In addition to the improvements in Google Play Books itself, Google has also made it much easier to find comics in the Store. There is a dedicated button at the top of the Books Store for comics where you will find dozens of titles from big name comic publishers such as DC Comics, Marvel, IDW and more. To get you started, Google has several issues that are available for free to download and more will be coming over the next week.

The update to Google Play Books is in the Google Play Store now and if you already have the app installed you can expect to see the update come via an OTA update in the next few days.

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