Google Calendar Adds Reminder Feature To App

Google has released an update to Google Calendar that, while is mainly focused on performance improvements, also brings a new and pretty sophisticated reminders function to the app.  The update is version 4.1 for those keeping score at home and it is in the Google Play Store now.  If you have not received the OTA update, you should over the course of the next couple of days.

The new reminder function allows you to setup a reminder for a wide range of activities from phone calls to checking in for flights and is found on the “+” menu in the lower right corner of the app.  Now you can chose Reminder as well as Event on that menu.  By adding a reminder, you will be able to tell the app what you want to be reminded of and fill in the details.  A reminder is then placed in your calendar for that event and you can setup notifications to remind you of your reminder.

Google Calendar Reminders Work Across Other Google Apps

While having the reminders in the Calendar app is good, Google took it a step further to really add to the productivity

Reminders in Google Calendar

Reminders in Google Calendar

of this feature.  If you set up a reminder, you will also see that reminder in Google Inbox, Google Now and Google Keep.  Basically it is put front and center for you across the app ecosystem so you can’t forget.  The idea is that no matter where you are on your Android device, you will have the reminder with you.

Keep in mind that for now the new Reminders feature is only in the Android version of the Calendar app.  It will be coming to the web-based Calendar site in the coming weeks.  Interestingly, the release from Google did not mention iOS.

If you have not tried Google Calendar, now may be a good time to give it a try.  It is free of course and works well with a multitude of calendar sources such as Exchange accounts.

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