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How To Subscribe to Sports Calendars in Google Calendar

With the 2017 Major League Baseball season underway, you may want to keep up with your favorite team’s schedule.  Given that the baseball season is at least 162 games (if your team doesn’t make the playoffs), who they are playing, where and when can be a bit of a challenge to keep up with day-to-day.  Google, however, has made it pretty easy.  In Google calendar, they have the schedule for all of the MLB teams but also for a wide range of other global sports such as cricket, rugby and football (or soccer as we call it in America).  While you can’t add these calendars from the Android app for Google Calendar, you can sync them with it so you have your favorite team in your favorite sport schedule with you all the time.

In this How To, I’ll show you were to go to add these calendars to your Google Calendar then how to sync them with your phone or tablet.

Outlook for Mac Finally Getting Google Calendar Support

Most certainly file this one under finally!  Microsoft has announced that support for Google Calendar and Google Contacts is finally coming to Outlook for Mac.  For those on Windows 10 using Outlook for Windows, this is no big deal.  The support for integrating your Google Calendar into Outlook has been there pretty much from the beginning.  Not the case for Mac users.  While adding your Gmail account to Outlook for Mac was no biggie, your calendar and contacts from Google would not sync.  It just wasn’t an option.

In an announcement to the Office Insiders, Microsoft has started rolling out the support for Google Calendar and Contacts to those in the Insider Fast Ring.  The feature is certainly still in the test phase, so much so that Microsoft isn’t rolling it out to everyone who is an Insider.  Those who don’t get it immediately will be prompted at some point in the future to add their Google account so they can start testing.

Google Calendar and Google Fit Now Integrate for Goal Tracking

To help you keep track of your exercise goals, Google has announced a new integration between Google Calendar and Google Fit.  The change is behind the scenes and once it rolls out to everyone, you can track your exercising in Google Fit and it will automatically mark your time slot for exercising in Google Calendar as “done”.  It is a nice and easy way to keep track of your exercise routine while making sure it is built into your daily schedule.

Goal tracking in Google Calendar is not new.  It has been there since April of last year and allows you to track anything from exercise to reading time to learning a new language.  The goals are quite handy actually and the app is smart enough to look at what is on your calendar and schedule that goal in a time period where you don’t have other activities.  You can also tell it to set a time for the goal in the morning, afternoon or evening for even more refinement.  Now, on your exercise goals, you can tie them in with Google Fit so when you complete an exercise there, it update Calendar automatically as the goal being complete.

Google Calendar Adds Month View Widget

Google Calendar for Android has an update rolling out that brings mostly one new but desired feature by users:  A monthly calendar view widget.  The updated version of the app, version 5.6.2 for those keeping score at home, allows you to add a widget that can be resized to show an entire month of your calendar without having to open the app itself.  This is a feature that many other calendar apps have already so it is very much a catch up feature.  Previously you only had one widget which provided you the schedule view.  It too was resizable but it would just stretch out the items on your schedule.  Not super useful if you need to see what you have going on a few weeks from now.

Google Calendar Now Shows Your Event Scheduling Conflicts

Google Calendar for Android has been updated and with it comes a new event conflict notification feature.  This feature shows you in the app as you try to schedule another event where you have conflicts in your schedule.  The idea is to prevent yourself from double-booking events only to realize it later.  This feature actually rolled out to those who use the app as part of Google apps for Work or Education last month as they were tied to domains associated with those services.  Google has now rolled it out to everyone although it does have some limitations.

Google Calendar on The Web Now Shows Locations of Meetings

Google Calendar for web has received a small but important update that users will certainly benefit from having available.  Now when you view your calendar in day or week view, you will see not only the name of the meeting but the location of that meeting.  Now this may seem like a “no big deal” update but for those who rely heavily on Google Calendar will find it to be a huge benefit as you no longer necessarily have to open up the event to see where it is being held.

Google Calendar Update Adds Ability To Dial Conference Call Passcodes

The latest update to Google Calendar is one that frequent conference call users will want to update to as soon as it is available. Seriously.  Stop what you are doing and see if you have the update.  I’ll wait….. Okay, so here is the deal:  Before now, when you had a conference call scheduled in Calendar, you could have it dial the number easy enough (it would just switch over to your Phone app) but if that conference call had a passcode, you had to enter it manually.  That’s no big deal if you are sitting at your desk.  But if you are driving or otherwise using your phone one handed, that can be a bit of a pain.  No more.  The latest update will allow you to select the passcode for the call (if it is in the invite) and the Phone app will automatically dial it for you when your call is connected.

Google Calendar Update Makes Finding A Meeting Time Easier

Google Calendar has an update rolling out today that will make finding common meeting times with your co-workers much easier and faster.  The update brings a new feature, Find a time, that will look at your calendar and the calendar of others you are inviting to a meeting to find an open time that works for everyone.  The feature will only be available for those who use Google Apps for Work and Education which makes sense given that everyone would be in the same domain and calendars would be readable by the app.

Google Calendar Brings New Goals Feature To Keep You On Track

Google Calendar for Android has been updated with a great new feature that is aimed at keeping you on track in various aspects of your life.  The new Goals feature allows you to setup specific goals and have them scheduled in your calendar to help you stay focused and to make sure that you have time to complete them.  The updated version of Google Calendar is in the Google Play Store now and should be rolling out via an OTA update to users over the course of the next few days.

Google Calendar Adds Smart Suggestions and 30 Languages

Google Calendar for Android has received a nice update that brings a new smart suggestions feature that makes creating new events quicker and easier than ever.  The update is rolling out to the Google Play Store now and is version 5.3.3 for those keeping score at home.

The new smart suggestions make creating a new calendar event quickly by giving you suggestions based on what you are typing.  So for example, if you start typing “din” it will come up with the suggestion “Dinner” or “Dinner with mom” and then you can tap on that to add it to the event name.  But it goes further.  You can add the location when you see the “at” option appear and you can add people when you see the “With”.  While it is only supported in English currently, you can also use the “on” feature to add a date and time to the event.  All of this is done with literally a few taps instead of having to type every. single. word.

Google Calendar for Android – Free – Download Now

Download The Google Calendar Wallpapers

If you use Google Calendar on your Android Phone or tablet, you will notice a wallpaper in the background as you view your diary in Schedule view. Each month has a different wallpaper representing that month or season in a Material Design kind-of-way.  Now you can download all 12 of these wallpapers to either make them a wallpaper for your devices any time you want.

Each wallpaper can be found on the Wallpaper page here on the site and each one measures 3840 x 3840 so you can easily make them a wallpaper for your Mac, PC or Chromebook should you chose to do so.  As with all of the wallpapers on the page, these are free to download.

Google Calendar Adds Reminder Feature To App

Google has released an update to Google Calendar that, while is mainly focused on performance improvements, also brings a new and pretty sophisticated reminders function to the app.  The update is version 4.1 for those keeping score at home and it is in the Google Play Store now.  If you have not received the OTA update, you should over the course of the next couple of days.

The new reminder function allows you to setup a reminder for a wide range of activities from phone calls to checking in for flights and is found on the “+” menu in the lower right corner of the app.  Now you can chose Reminder as well as Event on that menu.  By adding a reminder, you will be able to tell the app what you want to be reminded of and fill in the details.  A reminder is then placed in your calendar for that event and you can setup notifications to remind you of your reminder.