Download The Google Calendar Wallpapers

If you use Google Calendar on your Android Phone or tablet, you will notice a wallpaper in the background as you view your diary in Schedule view. Each month has a different wallpaper representing that month or season in a Material Design kind-of-way.  Now you can download all 12 of these wallpapers to either make them a wallpaper for your devices any time you want.

Each wallpaper can be found on the Wallpaper page here on the site and each one measures 3840 x 3840 so you can easily make them a wallpaper for your Mac, PC or Chromebook should you chose to do so.  As with all of the wallpapers on the page, these are free to download.

Just because we have rolled into a new year doesn’t mean that these wallpapers have changed.  At least not yet.  Given that these wallpapers were embedded in the Google Calendar app, any update to them will (likely) require an update to the app itself.  There isn’t any indication that they will be changing anytime soon but you never know.  If they do I will post the new ones once they


Google Calendar Wallpaper – January

are available – again, if ever.

If you are a Calendar users and are not familiar with what I’m referring to, make sure you change your view to Schedule view.  That is the only view you will see the wallpapers.

For all the wallpapers, check out the Wallpapers page at this link or by clicking Wallpapers on the menu at the top of the page.

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