OnePlus Releases OxygenOS 2.1.4 for OnePlus One

When the OnePlus One was released last year, it came with the option of having a Cyanogen build of Android or an OxygenOS build of it.  The later is the OnePlus home grown version of Android and it is what is standard on the OnePlus 2.  The updates to the OxygenOS build have been woefully behind those of the Cyanogen build but today the Chinese manufacture has gone a long way in helping solve that problem.  Via a post in their forums they announced that version 2.1.4 of OxygenOS is now available and can be flashed to your OnePlus One.

Make no mistake: we have in no way forgotten about the device that sent OnePlus into orbit, which is why we’d like to take this opportunity to reaffirm our commitment to some of our brand’s most loyal supporters, many of whom have been with us from the word go: OnePlus One fans. The OxygenOS team has put the final touches to this custom release, and we’re delighted to be able to announce that development on OxygenOS 2.1.4. for OnePlus One has been completed and is now available to all.

The news is certainly welcome to OnePlus One owners, of which I am one, as it brings the latest offering from an OS perspective to the device.  While the platform still has room to grow, it is clear that this is the direction that OnePlus plans on taking with their devices going forward.  The even better news, they have setup detailed instructions on how to flash your device to this new OS.


Regardless of if you are on OxygenOS now on your OnePlus One or Cyanogen, this update to 2.1.4 is going to require a full flash of the device.  There is no OTA update.  To that end, the company has laid out step-by-step instructions for both Windows and Mac users on exactly how to flash your device to get this build on it.  I highly recommend reading those instructions in detail

OnePlus One

OnePlus One

to make sure you don’t end up with a bricked device. OnePlus in the post made it clear that they do not recommend this update if your device is rooted as they cannot assure they will work.

While this update to OxygenOS is the same build that is on the OnePlus 2, there are some slight changes to the build as the phones themselves are different.

Now, because no two devices are the same, we inevitably had to deviate slightly from feature parity with the OnePlus 2. MaxxAudio’s proprietary sound technology and relevant applications were removed. The manual camera mode and RAW file format capability also did not make the final cut. For obvious reasons, there is no fingerprint support, nor a screen temperature slider. Beyond these concessions, you will be able to enjoy a version of OxygenOS that has been fully optimized for the OnePlus One.

Basically, what it comes down to is you are getting OxygenOS minus the unique features that the OnePlus 2 can support.  Fair enough I say.

For all the details and flashing instructions, visit the OnePlus Forums


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