Google I/O Invites Starting To Arrive

If you are one of the countless thousands who pre-registered for Google I/O 2016, it is time to start checking your inbox.  Google has started sending out the formal invites to the developer conference and for those of you who have received an invite, you only have 24 hours to secure your place or it is lost forever.  No pressure.

In order to secure your place at the conference in May, you need to pay the $900 registration fee for General Admission.  If you are a student (and can prove it), your cost is $300.  This registration fee has to be paid within 24 hours after you receive your invite.  If you don’t, you give up your spot and it goes to someone else who is on the wait list.

If you haven’t received yours, don’t fret too much just yet. In the past, Google has rolled out these invites in phases and there is no reason to think that 2016 will be any different.

Google I/O Website

Google I/O Website

Obviously the big news coming out of this I/O will be around Android N.  By the time we get to the event, a 2nd beta for sure will be out and maybe even a 3rd, giving developers far more time to get their questions answered about the OS.  I think this is a stroke of genius by Google to release the beta of N when they did for this very reason.  We should also see a lot of news around Virtual Reality at this event.  With the company now having a VR department and with the huge push by many companies in the tech industry around VR, it seems somewhat obvious.  Don’t be surprised too if we see some news around Chrome OS and how that platform is going to evolve over the course of the next year.

Whether you are going to be attending or not, the news coming out of I/O 2016 is going to be thick and fast.

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