Microsoft Updates Next Lock Screen for Android

Microsoft’s lock screen app, Next Lock Screen, has seen an update today that brings several bug fixes along with several new features to the app.  If you aren’t familiar with Next Lock Screen, it is a lock screen app that provides you notifications, calendar updates and now an app usage aware quick launchpad all from your lock screen.  It is actually a very informative and elegant lock screen app that gives you a good amount of information without having to actually unlock your device.  So why use a lock screen app like this instead of the Android built-in lock screen?  Mainly so you can get more customized information.

The version of the app you are looking for is 2.7.3 for those keeping score and the biggest change in the update is the new launchpad.  Now your launchpad will change apps that are displayed on the Next Lock Screen based on usage.  This is very similar to how Google does it in the App Drawer but it is easier to get to as it is right there on your lock screen.  The launchpad has also been updated with some improved visuals and there is an added brightness setting that you can adjust from there as well.

Microsoft Next Lock Screen

Microsoft Next Lock Screen

Another new feature is an auto-dim feature which will dim your screen after a defined number of seconds.  You can adjust this setting if you enable it from within the Next Lock Screen settings.

There were also a number of bug fixes in this release, the most notable being a bug that reset all of your settings after you upgraded the app.  That appears to have been resolved in this update which users will appreciate as they won’t have to go rejig everything.


If you haven’t tried Next Lock Screen from Microsoft, it is a free app for you to download in the Google Play Store.  If you are looking for a bit more content on your lock screen, give it a lock and see what you think.


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