Google Calendar Update Makes Finding A Meeting Time Easier

Google Calendar has an update rolling out today that will make finding common meeting times with your co-workers much easier and faster.  The update brings a new feature, Find a time, that will look at your calendar and the calendar of others you are inviting to a meeting to find an open time that works for everyone.  The feature will only be available for those who use Google Apps for Work and Education which makes sense given that everyone would be in the same domain and calendars would be readable by the app.

How this works is very similar to other calendaring apps, especially Outlook for the desktop.  The feature however is somewhat unique for mobile devices.  When you set up a meeting and add

Google Calendar

Google Calendar

invitees to that meeting, there is a new Find at time button that you can tap and the app will query the other calendars to see what times will work.  It will work across time zones and it can be adjusted by you as the sender so it isn’t as if you are locked into the time the app suggests.  Once you find a time, you send the invite as normal.

It is a great addition to the app and those who have Google Apps for Work or Education and certainly brings more power to the mobile device instead of having to resort to looking on a PC or Chromebook.  Hopefully this will make it out to the general Google Calendar users at some point too as those who are not using Google apps won’t be able to take advantage of it.

The update is rolling out now and should be to everyone over the course of the next few days.

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